Technical Assistance

Foreign recruitment poses a challenge in evaluating, validating, and testing the skills, work experience, and personality traits of candidates. To overcome these challenges, you will be assisted by our specialists who will gather and organize technical information related to your job requirement. The information collected enables us to pre-qualify workers overseas before the tecnical validation mission abroad of your company.

The technical assistance provided to employers involves:

Prior to recruitment:

  • Gathering by our technical specialist of detailed information on the type of skills, experience and personal profile of the temporary foreign worker you require ;
  • Identification of tests (theorical or pactical or both) that need to be conducted on the candidates for the job.

During the employment mandate:

  • Assistance in improving worker’s performance (specific training based on your operation’s needs) ;
  • Assistance in evaluating the worker’s integration into your workforce (coaching) ;
  • Assistance in planning for required training or for certifying workers under the CWB, API, and ASME standards.