Assistance in worker certification

Foreign recruitment could necessitate certification of worker skills if you are hiring them to work on specific projects or contracts in Canada. To assist you to comply with industry requirements or with existing work standards, we can accompany your foreign workers in their bid to obtain certification.

Through our access to an advanced training and certification center, GLS Mequaltech Asia can put in place a customized training or certification program in order to respond to strict industry standards to ensure the immediate integration of foreign workers in the workplace.

The training center works in collaboration with the following agencies:

  • Canadian Welding Bureau
  • Régie du bâtiment du Quebec

The assistance in foreign worker certification provided to employers involves:

Prior to recruitment:

A meeting with our technical specialist on the required certification in order to establish the kind of tests (theorical or practical or both), the procedures for testing, and the applicable evaluation criteria in order to orient the selection of candidates accordingly.

During the employment mandate:

Assistance in certifying workers under the CWB, API, and ASME standards.