GLS Mequaltech Asia specializes in the selection, testing, recruitment , and certification of skilled foreign metalwork workers with the objective of addressing the increasing requirements of Canadian manyfacturing companies for qualified manpower. The workers primarily come from Asian countries.

GLS Mequaltech Asia specializes specifically in the folloowing trades:

  • Plate welders
  • Plate fitters
  • Pipe welders
  • Pipe fitters
  • Traditional machinists
  • CNC operators
  • CNC programmers
  • Aircraft fitters
  • Other metallurgical trades.

Our Philosophy:

GLS Mequaltech Asia follows a selection process that permits verification of skills, experience and personality of workers in order to increase the potential of turning the recruitment mandate into a worker retention mandate and permanent employment.

If required , GLS Mequaltech Asia offers customized training and certification services to ensure immediateintegration of workers into your workforce. Both of which can be undertaken at it’s advanced training center.