Assistance in foreign recruitment logistics

Foreign recruitment involves the logistical aspects of transporting, installing, and integrating foreign workers.

The assistance in foreign recruitment logistics provided to employers involves:

Prior to recruitment:

  • Assistance in organizing your representative’s trip for the technical validation mission overseas ;
  • Access to test centers abroad during the technical skills validation process ;
  • Acces to employment references and skills tests as well as participation in rigorous interviews ;
  • Preparation of an employment contract.

During the employment mandate

  • Assistance in planning the trip of selected workers to Canada ;
  • Welcoming of workers at the airport and securing required government documents to allow them to immediately start employment in Canada ;
  • Support in the worker’s integration into the community ;
  • Assistance to workers in bringing their family to Canada, accessing availablesocial services for their family, and integrating their family members into the community.