Legal Assistance

Foreign recruitment involves dealing with certain elements of immigration laws, rules and regulations. To comply with governement requirements, you will be assisted by our regulated Canadian immigration consultants who will coordinate the recruitment process in Canada and abroad.

The legal assistance provided to employers involves:

Prior to recruitment:

  • Preparation of documents to secure approval from the Canadian and foreign governments on the hiring of temporary foreign workers by your company.

During the employment mandate:

  • Preparation of the employment contract accepted by the Canadian and foreign governments  ;
  • Advisory services on the execution of the employment contract and on government compliances ;
  • Assistance to workers who decide to bring their families to Canada during the employment mandate.

At the end of the mandate:

Preparation of documents required for the renewal of the worker’s employment on a temporary or permanent basis. In both cases we offer to assist workers in undertaking the process of bringing their family members to Canada.