Our company name defines its vocation :

MEtallurgy, QUALity and TECHnology.

More specifically, Mequaltech is a firm specializing in inspection, testing and engineering services related to metal technology and welding. The company is made up of four distinct entities :

  • Non-Destructive Testing services;
  • Testing Laboratories;
  • Welding Consultants;
  • Heat treatment.

All these services are housed in a single facility allowing all to be readily available to the various industries serviced by the Group.

Quality and Efficiency

Ever-present in all of Mequaltech’s sectors of activity, the notions of quality and efficiency are strictly enforced. Quality programs such as ISO and ASME are rigorously applied as are the requirements of CSA, ASTM, API, NACE and AWS standards.

The Mequaltech group of companies is also in constant contact with several accreditation bodies such as the Régie du Bâtiment du Québec, The Canadian Welding Bureau,
the Bureau de norma­lisation du Québec, the Canadian Standards Council, etc.

In addition to the above, Mequaltech is a member of the following associations:

  • CINDE (Canadian Institute for NDE);
  • Institut de soudage du Québec;
  • ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials);
  • NACE (National Association of Corrosion Engineering);
  • CWA (Canadian Welding Association);
  • CISC (Canadian Institute of Steel Construction).

The Management Team

To ensure that all divisions meet the established quality standards, management upholds a decentralized organizational structure. As such, a service manager oversees each division.

Our Management Team: :

  • President & General Manager: Robert Desautels
  • Vice-President of Operations: Alexandre Desautels
  • Finances : Nathalie Desautels
  • Regional Manager – Québec/Bécancour: Marc Giguère
  • Destructive Testing: Pascal Morin, P. Eng.
  • Non-Destructive Testing: Laurent St-Arnaud
  • Advanced NDT : Yvan Roch
  • Welding Engineer: Gabriel Turcan, P. Eng.
  • Welding Certification & Training: Daniel Ouimet
  • Heat Treatment: Zafer Yegin
  • Sales: Gabriel Seguin, Benoit Racine
  • API/NACE : Robert Rhéaume, Eng.

Notre mission

Notre mission est de fournir des services complets, professionnels et de qualité supérieure aux entreprises du secteur de la métallurgie et du soudage afin de certifier et de rehausser la qualité de leurs produits

Les notions d'EFFICACITÉ et de QUALITÉ, omniprésentes dans chaque division de Mequaltech, ont orienté une structure organisationnelle décentralisée. Ainsi, un chef de service chapeaute chacune des divisions.