Phased Array ultrasonic flaw detection

Multi-element imaging technique allowing user to control beam angle and focal distance to create an image of the test part resulting in enhanced and high speed flaw detection.
Ideal method for inspection of welds, opposite wall corrosion mapping, inspection of castings and other parts having irregular geometries.

TOFD (Time of flight diffraction)

Ultrasonic method utilizing 2 angle beam transducers operating in pitch-catch mode. Very accurate in detecting and quantifying weld defects. Scans can be evaluated together with phased array imaging for superior flaw detection.

Tube inspection

IRIS – Internal rotary inspection system
Method for detecting and evaluating wall loss resulting from corrosion, erosion, wear, pitting, cracking, etc.

Radar inspection

Method for locating reinforcing bars, pipes or conduits within concrete slabs. Rapid and cost effective technique allowing to drill through slabs without causing harm to existing installations.

Vaccum Box

We offer vacuum box testing to establish the condition of new or existing floor plate welds.
We have both the electric vacuum pump and the air vacuum generator types, rated at either 20 inch Hg (10psi) or 10 inch Hg (5psi) depending on customer requirements.

Other inspections

  • Dielectric testing

Verification of aerial lifts and other similar equipments for compliance to regulatory insulation requirements such as standard CAN/CSA C225-00.


  • NACE coating inspection service

Inspection and surveillance of surface preparation and coating processes. Auditing of product and personnel qualifications.