In order to support our customers’ needs with regards to the development of welding and inspection processes, Mequaltech has put in place a proficient, highly skilled research and development team.

Our group of engineers, metallurgists and technicians can benefit from our equipment, laboratories and facilities allowing us to provide a distinct advantage when seeking out the most cost effective solutions for our customers. Our research and engineering solutions are backed by more than 30 years of industry experience.

Both our destructive and non-destructive testing groups regularly participate in numerous research projects. Our desire to remain on the cutting edge of technology allows our customers to benefit from new technologies and methods that improve their operational efficiency.

In constant pursuit of new technologies, our dedicated team carefully evaluates their implications on codes, standards and other customer contractual obligations.

We have also established working relationships with several universities who support our research activities when required.

Whether for specialized welding processes using exotic materials or for customized inspection procedures, our research and development group will strive to define the most cost effective solutions for our customers.