Our CSA W178.2 welding inspectors are certified to with various code endorsements such as W59.1, W59.2, B31.1, B31.3, Z662, ASME Section VIII & IX as well as AWS certification for projects destined for the United States.

Field or shop inspection and surveillance

We offer field and/or shop surveillance services including activities such as project management, expediting, inspection and testing, conformity assessment to specifications and standards as well as a general evaluation of the quality of manufacturing and welding.

Equipment inspection

Whether for insurance purposes, to comply with regulatory requirements such as CSA B354.2-01 Self Propelled Elevating Work Platforms or to meet your in-house preventive maintenance program needs, Mequaltech can assist you in developing a complete inspection program for cranes, forklifts, amusement park rides and other lifting or material handling devices.

Storage tank floor inspection (Floorscan)

Based on the principle of magnetic flux leakage, this method is used to examine the condition of storage tank bottoms and to evaluate the degree of corrosion.

Verify bolt torquing with torque wrench

Monitoring of manufacturing activities including the following :

  • Verification of contractor welding procedures and welder certification
  • Receiving and raw materials inspection
  • In-process dimensional inspection and final inspection
  • Inspection prior to, during and upon completion of welding
  • Inspection of painting and other coatings
  • Inspection of field welding, dimensional fit-up and bolting
  • Evaluation and monitoring of sub-contractors
  • Ensure that manufacturing processes and methods are per project specifications
  • Ensure that all non-destructive testing is carried out per project specifications
  • Audit and validate contractor methods for cutting and joint preparation against contractual requirements