With a wide range or services available, Mequaltech engineers and metallurgists can help you in assessing why parts fail and provide recommendations to prevent recurrence.

Our clients come from an array of different industries such as pulp and paper, petrochemical, transportation, water treatment and aerospace to name but a few.

Services include:

  • Fatigue;
  • Stress Corrosion Cracking;
  • Corrosion failure;
  • Fractography;
  • Ductile / Brittle failures;
  • Chemical or electrochemical attack.

Our reporting is unsurpassed, providing clear and concise data with high quality images that reveal the causes of failure and the contributing factors. Material selections and/or design improvement recommendations are provided as appropriate.

Avoid recurring issues by entrusting your failure analysis to Mequaltech’s experts. Our timely and sophisticated experimental protocol will get you back up and running avoiding costly downtime.