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Consultant en Soudage Mequaltech Inc (CSM) is your trusted partner for inspection, assessment and advice on pressure installations in Quebec. We are recognized by the RBQ to carry out periodic inspections under the Regulation respecting pressure installations (B-1.1, r.6.1).

We specialize in helping operators-users comply with Régie du bâtiment du Québec (RBQ) standards for pressure equipment and piping.

Our skilled team is ready to assist you every step of the way, from periodic inspection to the preparation of quality control programs.

Our services

Periodic inspection of pressure installations in compliance with the Pressure Installations Regulation and the RBQ:
We can inspect and certify your pressure installations. We can help you navigate through the RBQ process to ensure the compliance of your pressure installations (equipment and piping). Our in-depth knowledge of local standards and regulations will greatly assist you in becoming compliant.

L’l’inspection doit être effectuée selon les fréquences indiquées au tableau qui suit:

Assessing the condition of your equipment:

Periodic inspection is either external or internal. It includes checking the condition of the outer or inner surface, depending on the type of inspection, insulation or coating, manholes, handholes or other inspection openings, fittings, piping, fittings and pipe supports, as well as the operation of control and operating devices.

The inspection also includes checking the condition of overpressure protection devices, their set pressure and release capacity, as well as checking seals and manually testing their operation where possible.

We offer two complementary services:

Firstly, our experienced team assesses the condition of your pressure vessel fleet, according to regulations, while giving you a clear overview of regulatory compliance. If your pressure equipment and inspections are compliant, we can then issue a certification for your pressure equipment.

Secondly, we offer you the Integrity Inspection service, which mainly consists of an in-depth inspection of your pressure equipment and piping via non-destructive testing, to find out its current condition and determine the remaining service life of your installation, so that you can comply with the regulations if this is not the case.

Advice and recommendations:

We offer expert advice on the points that need to be rectified to improve the safety and reliability of your pressure systems.

Regulatory requirements:

The operator-user of a pressure installation must have it inspected by a recognized person, except in the case of one of the following installations:

1° a pressurized refrigeration plant using a Group A1 or B1 refrigerant;

2° a drain tank;

3° an air tank installation whose maximum permissible operating pressure does not exceed 1,725 kPa, whose volume does not exceed 0.651 m3 and whose diameter does not exceed 0.61 m.

Following the periodic inspection, the operator-user must obtain from the recognized person a periodic inspection certificate establishing the equipment’s conformity.

Inspection must be carried out at the intervals shown in the table below:


Quick-opening autoclave, except sterilizers 1 year 1 year
Hot water boiler 2 years – –
Thermal fluid boiler 4 years – –
Low-pressure steam boiler (*) 1 year 3 years
High-pressure steam boiler (**) 1 year 1 year
Water heater 2 years – –
Deaerator (**)  2 years 2 years
Steam generator 2 years 2 years
Washing machine 2 years – –
Non-corrosive fluid tank 4 years – –
Compressed air tank 4 years – –
Hot water tank 4 years – –
Expansion tank 4 years – –
Dryer roll 2 years – –
Refrigeration system using a refrigerant other than “A1 or B1” 2 years – –
Any other type of pressure device 4 years – –

(*) The external periodic inspection must be carried out every year, except for the year in which the internal inspection is carried out.

(*)(*) Periodic internal and external inspections alternate for such equipment.

This section does not apply to pressure vessels and boilers whose periodic inspection frequency is determined by an inspection program that is part of a quality control program approved by the Régie in accordance with section 18. The inspection program must include mechanisms for monitoring pressure vessels or boilers, particularly with regard to their corrosion rate.

Inspections and Loss Prevention :

We specialize in inspections and loss prevention, helping you identify potential problems before they become major issues.

RBQ responsibility:

It is important to note that the approval and registration of repairs to a pressure vessel, as well as the registration of a new pressure vessel installation, remain the responsibility of the RBQ.

What we don’t do:

We leave the repair, calibration and certification of safety valves, relief valves and other relief devices to other qualified professionals. Our expertise is specifically focused on inspection, assessment and advice for pressure installations.

Consultant en Soudage Mequaltech Inc. (CSM)

Trust Consultant en Soudage Mequaltech Inc (CSM) to help you manage your pressure installations in Quebec. We’re dedicated to your safety and regulatory compliance. Contact us today to discuss your specific needs and get a free assessment of your equipment.