Laboratoire Mequaltech is a specialized Quebec company employing more than 100 employees in services related to the metallurgy and welding sector in the field of destructive and non-destructive testing and heat treatment.

We are always looking for the following jobs in our Montreal, Bécancour, Lévis and Sherbrooke offices.

  • Non-Destructive Testing Technician (NDT) Level II CGSB: Radiography, Ultrasonics, Magnetic Particles and Liquid Penetrant)
  • Exposure device operators ( CEDO)
  • Specialized Test Technician (Phased Array, TOFD, IRIS)
  • Visual inspector level II w.178.2
  • Heat Treatment Technician
  • NACE Inspector
  • API Inspector 653, 510, 570
  • Welding Engineer
  • Metallurgical engineer
  • Metallurgical Technician
  • Metallurgical laboratory technician

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