In shop or on site, done by heating locally one or many parts of an equipment or a piping network to eliminate stress after welding, often referred to as PWHT. It is executed with ceramic heating pads controlled by one or many of our multiple heat treatment consoles which record the treatment in real time. Installation and supervision is done by our senior heat treatment technicians with more than 15 years experience in the execution and planning of complex heating processes.


In shop or on site, it is done by installing ceramic heating pads as a method of supplying and maintaining constant heat during welding. This process can greatly maximize welding time and minimize repairs and cracking in alloyed or thick materials. On simple piping or complex bridge sections, installation is always done by our senior heat treatment technicians specialized in custom heating solutions.


Our mobile burners ranging from 2 to 6 million BTU in capacity can be used for building on site furnaces and doing refractory dry-outs. Connected to probes on or inside the equipment or part, they are designed for precise control at lower temperatures as well as at full capacity. Treatments and processes are supervised from our mobile control rooms by our senior technicians with more than 15 years experience in the installation of furnaces and the curing of large systems such as aluminum holding furnace and complete plant systems at startup.


Done in one of our compact controlled atmosphere furnaces or in our large scale 12 million BTU furnace which can accommodate parts up to 60 feet, your treatments will be closely monitored by one of our senior operators. With a lifting capacity of up to a 100 tons and the possibility of having non-destructive testing, sandblasting and painting done under one roof we are able to combine all the necessary services for a cost and time effective experience for the treatment of even the most complex assemblies.


With large scale projects in all aspects of heat treatment, the knowledge and skill of the technicians of Mequaltech Heat Treatment is recognized in the metallurgical community since its foundation.

Executing heat treatments in its laboratories since its opening in 1987, Mequaltech hired the best available seniors technicians in the business when it expanded in 2010. Working in tandem with Mequaltech’s metallurgical engineering department, they rapidly made their mark on era defining projects such as the building of the highway 30 bridge, the curing of vast petrochemical systems destined for clients around the world or by working in tandem with Alcan with designing custom heat treating solutions for welding research and development.


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Department Director
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